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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Album Review:Little Voice

Artist:Sara Bareilles

Songwriters and composers:Sara Bareilles, Javier Dunn


Notes:Album art taken from iTunes.

General thoughts:Who's your favorite pop singer?

There were three sounds:Ones with a catchy beat, slower and more emotional tracks, and somewhere in between. Relationships were a frequent subject, ranging from dysfunctional and ending to cautious beginnings.

I found it for about $5. Not a bad price for a mostly good album.

Track Listing

1. Love Song
Thoughts:This tells a boyfriend that he's not getting a love song written for him just because he wants one. It has a good beat, and is worth a listen.
2. Vegas
Thoughts:Ever feel like you ought to travel, move somewhere, hoping to find something worthwhile? That's kind of what this is about. Fairly good.
3. Bottle It Up
Thoughts:This seems to be about not being able or allowed to say what you mean. Decent, not great.
4. One Sweet Love
Thoughts:This is all about wanting to be with a special person. Not bad.
5. Come Round Soon
Thoughts:This hopes that a guy will amend his past behavior and come back. Worthwhile.
6. Morningside
Thoughts:Here, someone tries to ignore a potential soul mate. Like "Love Song", there's a good beat mixed with interesting lyrics to make a good song.
7. Between The Lines
Thoughts:This is a calmer track about a relationship falling apart. Decent.
8. Love On The Rocks
Thoughts:Another mess of a romance here. Not that into it.
9. City
Thoughts:This is a slower, more sentimental track about getting lost in the city and all it has to offer, both good and bad. Rather nice.
10. Many The Miles
Thoughts:This wonders how far you have to go to get to someone. Meh, not that into it.
11. Fairytale
Thoughts:This looks at old fairytales with a critical eye and decides it doesn't like them. Decent.
12. Gravity
Thoughts:This mellow ending track wants to get away from someone you just keep running into. Not bad.

Content warnings:Two songs ("Bottle It Up" and "Come Round Soon") use the word "s**t". ""Come Round Soon" brings up smoking. Several other tracks reference sex and drinking.

So what was your opinion?

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