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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Album Review:The Blessed Unrest

Artist:Sara Bareilles

Songwriters and composers:Mike Anderson, Jack Antonoff, Sara Bareilles, Pete Harper, Jason Blynn, Matt Hales


Notes:Album art taken from the official site.

General thoughts:Yes, her again.

There's plenty of variety in sound. Some songs are exactly what you'd hear on a pop radio station, some are a little too slow for that, and some fall in between. Several songs can be called inspirational, encouraging listeners to be brave and live their lives more fully.

There's also a lot of relationship talk from happiness to break-ups. You can also get exclusive tracks if you buy it on iTunes or get the Target deluxe.

Overall, it was good and worth a listen.

Track Listing

1. Brave
Thoughts:This is about speaking up instead of holding back. I'm told it was written for a lesbian friend to encourage her to come out of the closet. As a timid person who has trouble speaking up about even insignificant things, it spoke to me in a slightly different way. Good song.
2. Chasing The Sun
Thoughts:This one seems to be about living life to the fullest and enjoying yourself. Not bad.
3. Hercules
Thoughts:Here, the speaker asks for strength during bad circumstances. Fairly good.
4. Manhattan
Thoughts:This one reminds me of old movies, sounding rather slow, quiet, and just a little jazzy. Not too bad.
5. Satellite Call
Thoughts:This is sort of like the last one with an outer space theme, both soundwise and lyrically. It reminds a loved one who's far away that they are neither alone or unloved. It's not bad.
6. Little Black Dress
Thoughts:This is an uppity track about getting over a break-up with a person who brought you down, and just what's needed after the last two mellow tracks. Definitely worthwhile.
7. Cassiopeia
Thoughts:This seems to be about a couple loving their life and having kids. Not bad.
8. 1000 Times
Thoughts:If I ignore the lyrics, I can enjoy this song for its melody. If I'm paying attention, the idea of going back to someone no matter how many times they've broken your heart is kind of disturbing and more than a little unhealthy.
9. I Choose You
Thoughts:This seems to be about an engaged couple, with the idea behind it is that the two come together and belong to each other. The chorus vocals and expanded syllables keeps it from being great.
10. Eden
Thoughts:The reflects on a now-ended relationship that wasn't as perfect as you thought and the price you're paying for it. It's decent.
11. Islands
Thoughts:This is a slower track that seems to be about figuring out how to be alone before you can be with someone else. Good song.
12. December
Thoughts:This is about a time of year that used to be fun now being stressful. Decent.

So what did you think?

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