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Monday, May 11, 2015

Movie Review:Ice Age

Premise:A gruff mammoth, a clumsy sloth, and a scheming tiger travel to return a human baby to his family.

Cast:Ray Romano as Manfred/Manny, John Leguizamo as Sid, Denis Leary as Diego, Chris Wedge as Scrat, Goran Visnjic as Soto, full cast can be found here.

Directors:Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha

MPAA Rating:PG for mild peril

Genres:Animation, dramedy

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards and screenshots from Rotten Tomatoes. Updated 12/29/2016 to censor ableist language.

Pros:Good protagonists. Funny moments.

Cons:Gross jokes. Small things that don't make sense or feel random.

This movie is half the weird stuff that happens on the journey and half scheming tigers.

The main characters were the strongest point of the film. There's Manny, a grouchy guy who wants to be left alone. There's also Sid, the clumsy comic relief that you kind of feel sorry for even as you laugh at his mishaps. Finally, you have Diego, a double agent with some dark intentions for the baby. All of them are actually well-rounded characters who have more to them than it may seem at first (except perhaps Sid). The back-and-forth dialogue was pretty entertaining as well, especially where Sid is involved.

Overall, it's a great and somewhat dark film. I recommend giving it a look.

Sex:A pair of rhinos interact in a manner meant to reflect gay stereotypes. When Sid tells Diego the baby belongs to him and Manny, the tiger calls them an odd couple.
Sid shares a mud bath with a pair of female sloths while hitting on them. As he leaves, he comments "Sexy". Manny grumbles that Sid moves much faster when a pretty tail goes by. Sid talks about a girlfriend he cheated on. After Manny tells him he should be loyal to any mate he finds, Sid says mating for life is "st*pid" because there's plenty of him to go around.

Violence:Tigers attack a human settlement intending to capture and kill the leader's baby. Someone ends up jumping off a cliff to save the child and is implied to have drowned later on. Someone else is impaled by icicles (offscreen).
Young animals pretend to be sinking in tar. The squirrel Scrat gets struck by lightning, nearly crushed, sent flying, and more for comedy. A tiger gets stuck in a hole. There's discussion of killing and eating both Sid and Manny. An animal tries and fails to fly. Manny tells Sid to annoy poisonous reptiles and sarcastically asks doesn't Diego have some animal to disembowel.
Sid tries to climb a cliff with the baby, but soon finds himself slipping. The baby gets to the ground unharmed, but Sid gets comically injured. In other parts of the movie, he's generally subjected to danger and injury to produce laughs (a few of them in-universe). A bunch of dodos are beaten up and killed in a comical way.
The baby falls through an ice slide, leading to scene featuring lots of fast-paced moment and screaming (all played for comedy). Animals are knocked out with a log. Cave paintings show tigers attacking a herd of antelope and mammoths being cornered then killed offscreen. Lava melts an ice formation the characters are standing on and nearly kills them. There are a couple instances when it appears that someone has died.


Language/Insults:A handful of G-rated words like "stinky", "bucktooth", "droolface", and "poop". There's also "st*pid". Rhinos are told they have tiny brains.

Gross humor:Sid steps in an animal's feces and tries to get the mess off his feet. He ends up getting some in another animal's lunch and face. Manny suggests that the baby might be crying because of a dirty diaper and makes Sid change it. During a storm, icicles form on Sid's nose. He wipes his face on Manny's trunk and his snotty fingers on Diego. The baby yanks out a few of Manny's nose hairs.

So what was your opinion?

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