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Monday, June 22, 2015

Movie Review For Terminator 2:Judgement Day

Premise:A new cyber assassin is sent to the past to eliminate (currently 13-year-old) future leader of the resistance.

Cast:Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, Edward Furlong as John Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, Robert Patrick as the T-1000, Earl Boen as Dr. Silberman, Joe Morton as Miles Dyson

Director:James Cameron

MPAA Rating:R for strong sci-fi action and violence, and for language


Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:Good villain. Decent early plot twist. Some good action scenes.

Cons:Unlikable protagonists. Starts the franchise's time travel inconsistency. Had me asking questions about the Terminators' actions.

The first attempt to eliminate John Connor may have failed, but Skynet's not about to stop trying to end its worst enemy.

So given my love of the first movie and the popularity of this sequel, you might think this is going to be a positive review. Good guess, but no.

The main problem is the protagonists. First up is John Connor. He's established early on to be a rebel and a juvenile delinquent, and there's not much to his character that makes him likable or sympathetic. Then there's Sarah Connor. Seems during the time gap between Installment #1 and #2, she became cold, violent, and unstable. One might sympathize with her situation early on, but her later actions push her into morally questionable territory. And why is she narrating?

*The next two paragraphs contain minor spoilers.*

This time, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character is turned into the good guy to guard the kid and bond with him. The end result is the frightening predator disappears to be replaced with a goofy, cliché, emotionless robot trying to act more human. There are also several things he did (such as taking a guy's sunglasses and putting them on for no reason or reusing the "Come with me if you want to live" line) that made me wonder "What was the point of that?" or "How would he know to do that?"

My favorite thing about this whole movie is the villain (even if he violates one of the previously established rules). I still prefer the original Terminator, but the new guy has some scary abilities.

Overall, I didn't particularly enjoy it and I don't recommend it.

Sex:Once again, traveling through time leaves the travelers in question nude. One goes into an occupied bar, where he receives a few looks of approval from the female patrons. An orderly uses mocking terms of endearment for a female patient and licks her face while she's catatonic.
Sarah dreams about talking to (and passionately kissing) her dead lover, and chasing him in a flimsy nightgown. She wears also tank tops throughout the movie. John remarks his mom used to hook up with anyone she thought she could learn from. A woman licks her husband's neck to get his attention.

Violence:Explosions, shootings, people getting stabbed, beatings, cars crashing, and so forth cause death and injury. And this time, the target of the villainous assassin is a thirteen-year-old boy. The opening scene shows corpses and debris as the machines and humans shoot at each other. The reported death toll is three billion people. Buildings explode and collapse. An abandoned playground burns. Corpses are blown to pieces.
Sarah has a recurring nightmare where an explosion and fire destroy a playground full of kids, and in one case, leave her just a burning skeleton. She chokes a man and is held down to be sedated. We're told she tried to blow up a computer factory (she was shot and captured) and stabbed a doctor in the knee with his pen. She also references old boyfriends who hit her son.
A bar fight results in people being stabbed or their limbs painfully twisted. Wounds are fixed up on the run. A man is almost murdered in front of his wife and young son. Someone is threatened with poison. Cyborgs throw each other into things and have their flesh ripped into. Corrupt orderlies beat and taser a patient. There are two chase scenes featuring a villain in a huge truck.

The T-100 is blown into a weird shape with an explosive, and is then knocked into a pit of molten metal. He thrashes around while randomly shifting forms and makes animalistic sounds of pain before he finally melts. The other Terminator soon lowers himself into the deadly pit as well.
*end spoilers*

Drugs/Alcohol:A woman in a psychiatric hospital is forcibly sedated multiple times. There's a bar scene. Several people smoke. One blows smoke into someone's face. Drinking is referenced a few times. A bottle of tequila is gotten out for celebration.

Language/Insults:"F**k", "g*dd**n", "a**", "s**t", "J*sus", "douchebag", "h*ll" and "d**k" are all said, some of them by a kid.

Spiritual:Beyond a "Praise The Lord" bumper sticker, none unless you consider the name Judgement Day to be significant.

So what was your opinion?

© 2015 by M.R.R.


small ed said...

I was particularly disappointed and unimpressed with T2, which is a classic case of supplementing special effects in lieu of substance. Yes, said effects are gripping, but the main characters (esp. Sarah Connor) were especially hard on the ears and mind. I was about to yell at the screen during one of Sarah's obnoxious rants when her dopey kid saved the moment by (hypocritically) exclaiming, "Mom! We need to be a little more constructive, OK?". The plot itself was relatively vacuous and provided little incentive to sit the entire movie through.

In general, I am not a fan of James Cameron. I find his direction to be sophomoric, cliche, and lacking originality.

M.R. R. said...

@ small ed
Yeah, the annoying main characters pushed it into hate territory for me. Especially since Sarah Connor was this everyman (or everywoman) character in the first one and then went to nearly killing a guy in front of his family. At this point, I'll stick with the first one and pretend the sequels didn't happen.