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Friday, July 03, 2015

Movie Review For Terminator:Salvation

Premise:In the war between humanity and a robot army, a convicted criminal plays a crucial role in humanity's future.

Cast:Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright, Christian Bale as John Connor, Moon Bloodgood as Blair Williams Anton Yelchin as Kyle Reese, Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor, Helena Bonham Carter as Dr. Serena Kogan, Jadagrace as Star, Common as Barnes, Michael Ironside as General Ashdown


MPAA Rating:PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and language

Genres:Action, sci-fi, war

Notes:The fourth film in the Terminator franchise. Poster taken from IMP Awards.

Pros:A couple of awesome moments.

Cons:It's just plain boring. Bad acting. Uninteresting characters. A plot hole.

Judgement Day has happened, and what are we to do with what's left? (Note to movie makers:Do not spoil the most interesting part of your movie in the trailer.)

The descriptions I gave may sound dull. The movie really isn't any better. The action scenes felt ripped off from the film's own predecessors or Transformers. More problematically, I felt almost no connection to the characters. Kyle Reese was okay, but how did Skynet know about him? Where would there have been records of him? The famed John Connor (getting an over-dramatic performance from Christian Bale) was far better when he didn't appear onscreen. Newcomer Marcus Wright might have had a shot at salvaging things if they had made him the main character instead of splitting the focus between him and John. As is, I barely care about him or can make sense of how he thinks and acts. And finally, there's the general guy whose only purpose is to make cold decisions for our heroes to defy.

And why the PG-13 rating? The last three movies have been rated R, and this felt like it should have been. What was the point?

Overall, it's a mix of tedious crap and wasted potential. Skip it.

Sex:Before he's executed, Marcus asks for a kiss from his female friend with terminal cancer. Afterwards, he remarks "So that's what death tastes like." Other couples (who aren't blackmailing each other) kiss as well.
A group of men attack Blair and it's implied they're going to rape her (they're stopped). A cyborg makes its appearance in the nude. A man wanders out naked with mud covering him (though you do get a brief shot of his privates). A woman briefly shows cleavage.

Violence:War, evil robots, lots of gun play and energy weapons, robot-on-human or human-on-human fights, stuff exploding, robots being crushed and torn apart, high speed chases, vehicles crashing and running into people, buildings being destroyed, pretty much everything we've come to expect from this franchise.
The whole world is in ruins, leaving behind corpses and burned-out buildings. Skynet's army rounds up humans and shoots a few. The Resistance leaders plan an attack that will kill both machines and their prisoners.
Marcus is sentenced to death for apparently murdering his brother and two cops. A man is tortured with electricity. Eel-like robots drag a human underwater. Molten metal is used as a weapon. Someone is stabbed through the heart.

Drugs/Alcohol:Marcus is executed through a lethal injection. Otherwise, the only drugs here are used for medical reasons.

Language/Insults:"Sh*t" "G*d", "b**ch", "d**n", "bas**rd", "a**", "h*ll", and "p*ss" are used. A man yells at someone to speak English.

Spiritual:Psalm 23 is read during an execution (doesn't exactly seem appropriate). Marcus is put into crucifix-style positions a few times. John is described in spiritual terms (he's supposedly either "the key to salvation" or a false prophet) several times. He says of a new weapon "The devil's hands have been busy."

So what was your opinion?

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