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Friday, September 11, 2015

Celebrate The Small Things:Friday Has Returned

This week, I've been seeing a lot of reminders on the internet that we live in a screwed-up world. What I celebrate is that there are still good things to enjoy, positivity (like this blog hop), and that the internet I've been visiting more recently has been causing me less stress and facepalms.

How are things on your end?

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Diana Wilder said...

The nice thing about studying history is that we discover that the world today is no more fouled up and frightening than it was a millenium or so ago. Humans are human, as annoying and heartbreaking and fabulous as they have always been (I think of a letter from a little kid to his parents, who are out on a business trip, threatening to hold his breath and die if they don't fire his babysitter. It was written from Alexandria, Egypt around 200 BC). Somehow that comforts me... Have a great weekend!

Marilyn Parel said...

I'm with you on this. How did we manage to so mess up this world? I'm looking toward what's light & good & positive.

Anne Doucette said...

Amen! I know what you mean about finding the positive in things and slowly seeing more positive than negative. Honestly, I think being part of this weekly blog hop is helping me a LOT with that, turning what can be (at times) a negative medium into a positive one.

Shah Wharton said...

Positivity is a great thing to celebrate. :)

T. Drecker said...

The internet does make the world smaller and make it clear what terrible things are going on. AS with everything, that has it's good and bad sides. But glad you can see the rainbow through it all. We have to remember that there is a light and hold on to that. Have a great week! said...

I agree, there's a lot about this world that's screwed up. I'm glad you've found some good internet places to visit. Without positivity and hope, the world would be an even sadder place.

Kelley Caton said...

Bad things happen, but dwelling on them doesn't make them any better. In the past year I've tried to avoid as much negativity as possible and try to focus on the positive. Truth is, bad things are still happening but overall I'm a happier person.

SENCO Cat Herder said...

Catching up with those on the blog hop as I've been away for a couple of months. I have found lots of really caring, generous spirited and good-natured people out there in the blogosphere so I am glad you are celebrating them this week - thanks for your post :) Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

Aura Eadon said...

Yay for positivity and less cynicism. I avoid the news and also the TV as they tend to sap every positive feeling I may have. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

M.R. R. said...

@ Diana Wilder
Human behavior doesn't change much throughout the ages.

@ Marilyn Parel
There's more than enough negative crap. Shouldn't forget what's good.

@ Anne Doucette
This hop is helping me too. (:

@ Shah Wharton

Lexa Cain said...

I'm often surprised by what I see on the net. It seems people have no respect or consideration for others anymore. But maybe that's how every older generation feels about the younger ones throughout history. Have a lovely weekend! :)

Kate Larkindale said...

The world sure is screwed up, but if everyone does one little thing to make it easier or better for another person, that will make a difference.

Lara Lacombe said...

I know what you mean--it's almost to the point where I can't watch the evening news without tearing up. Thank goodness for this community of bloggers and cat videos!

M.R. R. said...

@ Lexa Cain

@ Kate Larkindale
It sure will.

@ Lara Lacombe
Don't know what we'd do without them.

Julia Thorley said...

The world has always been messed up; that's what people do. It's just that now we have the media telling us about it all the time!

Suzanne Furness said...

I always try and look to the positives.

M.R. R. said...

@ Julia Thorley
That just seems to make things worse.

@ Suzanne Furness
Good idea.