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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Movie Review:Despicable Me 2

Premise:A crime fighting organization finds the retired villain and gets him to search for another villain threatening the world.

Cast:Steve Carrell as Gru, Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde, Miranda Cosgrove as Margo, Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario, Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo Pérez, Moises Arias as Antonio, Ken Jeong as Floyd Eagle-san, Dana Gaier as Edith, Elsie Fisher as Agnes, Steve Coogan as Silas Ramsbottom, Nasim Pedrad as Jillian

Directors:Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud

MPAA Rating:PG for rude humor and mild action

Genres:Animation, action comedy

Notes:Poster taken from IMP Awards. Updated 12/29/2016 to add some additional points.

Pros:Gru. Good slapstick. Decent antagonist.

Cons:Annoying love interest. Too many innuendos.

Gru may have retired from the villain business a while back, but he still has insight that most would not. So, when someone steals a serum that makes users practically invincible and looking like a Sesame Street monster, the Anti-Villain League wants his expertise.

If you enjoy slapstick, there's plenty for you here (especially if you're a Minion fan). Gru added a lot of humor with his lines, as well as a few sweet moments with his daughters.

What prevents me from fully enjoying this movie is Gru's love interest, Lucy Wilde. She's supposed to be this awesome super-spy, but she comes off as over-eager and not too good at her job because she lacks subtlety or self-control. The romance with her and Gru was annoying as well, because it felt rushed and didn't leave room for the "girls want a mother" plot.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun film to watch with your kids, this is worth checking out.

Sex & Nudity:A big deal is made about the fact that Gru has no girlfriend or wife, and thus his daughters have no mother. The girls try to write him an online dating profile (and come across a picture of him sunburned in a Speedo). Meanwhile, Gru's neighbor tries to set him up with people she knows, but he works hard to avoid her. She does corner him finally, and he ends up on a date with an obnoxious woman who's coded as trashy. All the while, an attraction develops between Gru and Lucy (which Agnes teases him about).
The not-quite-teenage Margo texts someone named Avery (which Gru is suspicious about) and falls pretty hard for a different boy, who takes her on a couple of dates and dances with her. Gru isn't happy about it, but the boy's father encourages it.
Minions dress in outfits such as coconut bikinis and French maid costumes. During a pary, one dances near what appears to be a pole, and several smack each other's butts during a dance. One gets a look at Lucy and imagines having several romantic moments with her. Yet another strips off his overalls (his butt is shown) to go swimming.
After a mention of booby traps, Lucy repeats "booby". Gru dresses as a fairy princess at his daughter's party when the person he hired bails. He also has to wear a belt to detect something and ends up putting his pelvis forward and waving it around.
A couples of woman show cleavage. A guy bares his chest to show off a tattoo. Someone acts sad when her boyfriend dances with another girl. A couple tries to kiss, but runs into a slight problem. Agnes says she knows what makes Gru a boy, which makes him uncomfortable until she says it's his baldness. A woman slaps a man she thinks smacked her on the butt. Women swoon after seeing a man's smooth dance moves.

Violence:There's lots of cartoon violence. Characters hit each other, use tasers, get shot with darts, drive recklessly (sometimes hitting people), are knocked unconscious, get stuffed into tight spaces, smack into things, fall or get sucked into tubes, and are sprayed with hoses.
The thing everyone's searching for in the film is a super serum that causes those who take it to become super-aggressive and impervious to damage (it also makes them purple and fuzzy). A giant magnet destroys the facility where it was stored, and a video shows a bunny injected with the stuff mutating and attacking the nearby scientists (which is implied to be gory).
Gru unsuccessfully tries to use his freeze ray on someone, only to be countered with a flamethrower. He nearly ends up burned by a hot drink. Minions are kidnapped by unseen forces. A villain (renowned for being macho) eats glass and damages an armored truck by running into it. He supposedly died by strapping dynamite to himself and riding a shark into an active volcano. A hostage is tied up and sent on a rocket. A guy pulls out knives planning to use them on an intruder.
A chicken is essentially frozen with a substance that later gets someone in the eyes. Lucy destroys cupcakes with her kung fu-ish moves and breaks down a door. Gru freezes someone for upsetting his daughter. Edith goes through a short obstacle course and is at one point told not to kill anyone. X-ray goggles show internal organs for a moment. A (halted) magic trick involves a balloon and a chainsaw.

Drugs/Alcohol:There's the stolen super serum. There's also quite a bit of drinking going on in the background of restaurants and parties.
A woman is shot with a tranquilizer, while the waiter is told through hand signals that she had too much to drink. A romantic montage shows champagne. "Drowning sorrows" is mentioned, though using guacamole instead of alcohol (don't ask). Minions party while singing to the tune of "Another Irish Drinking Song" (a non-kid friendly humor song). A villain walks into a bar, steals some booze, and squirts snake venom into it before he drinks it.

Language/Insults:Mostly insults like "bottom", "Crikey", "sheep's butt", or "nutjob". A flashback shows kids screaming about getting "Gruties". There are a couple of fat jokes. Someone calls Gru an egghead in Spanish.

Crude/gross humor:Fart jokes (and the fart guns mentioned in the first movie) come up. When Gru's "dog" goes out, he's stopped just before he can pee on the flowers and kill them (he's then sent next door to the neighbor's flowers). A man is shown on the toilet. Agnes tries to give excuses for Gru, including that he's pooping.

Spiritual & related topics:A nun briefly appears. South American statues appear in the background.

Other:There are stereotypical Mexican elements, and the only two main non-white characters are portrayed as jerks.

So what did you think of it?

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Lexa Cain said...

I haven't seen this yet, but I'm sure I'd enjoy it since I'm a minion fan. I never imagined there's be so much sex, nudity, and violence in there though. Thanks for the review!

M.R. R. said...

@ Lexa
Glad you liked it.