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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

IWSG:What Am I Doing

Today is going to be a lot of rambling.

I've been a member of this blog hop for over a year and I have little to show for it. And finishing one of my stories then getting it published somewhere is going to take another couple years at least. I just might leave before too much longer, haven't made a decision yet.

And I've noticed a pattern where I feel fine for a couple weeks, everything's good, then I suddenly don't feel motivated to do much besides sit on the couch and stare at the TV for some time after that. I don't think it's depression, but it is messing things up for me. My current life can be summarized as "what am I doing?"

And I keep thinking and talking about getting off my butt and doing things, but it just doesn't happen.

In happier news, a friend is celebrating his birthday today. Which reminds me, I need to wrap his present.

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Melanie Schulz said...

The hardest part about something is starting. It's all downhill from there.

M.R. R. said...

@ Melanie Schulz
True. said...

I agree that writing/publishing stories can take forever. But if you really love it, it's worth it. It is to me, anyway. I always pick whichever story I'm most excited about at that moment and work on that one. But if writing's not inspiring you, maybe there's something else you enjoy. Like Melanie said, taking that first step is the hardest. I hope you find inspiration and direction. Life's too short to be unhappy.

planetpailly said...

If writing is your goal, then the hardest part can be just getting a pen in your hand. Things get easier after that.

Tanya Miranda said...

My entire summer was a loss for my writing. I was marketing for most, and life took over the rest of my time. I wrote practically nothing. Maybe we just need shockabuku. :-)

Stephsco said...

I understand about lack of motivation. I have those days where I only want to watch TV or play video games (especially when a really good game is out and it's so immersive!). Sometimes those days multiply and even turn to weeks. Creative output is a strange beast. It's like work, and we don't always feel like working. Yet if we treat it like only a hobby or something fun when we're in the mood, then it becomes occasional. It's a tough road.

Let's hope that with creativity's highs and lows, the highs make up for the lows :)

Here's my October IWSG Post

Crystal Collier said...

Hey, don't be too hard on yourself. We all have hormonal shifts that affect us more than we know. I wonder if a change in diet or routine wouldn't help to build productivity, eh?

Cherie Colyer said...

I think everyone hits a time in their life when they aren't very motivated. Sometimes you just have to let yourself take a break. And Melanie is right, the hardest part is starting something. Once you get in a flow it will be smoother sailing.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I think it's all about finding what works to keep you motivated. I know I hit big slumps when I wasn't getting anywhere, but each rejection letter I got was confirmation that I was trying, so that helped. I'm in a slump right now, having started a new job, and I just can't figure out when to write, because I'm exhausted by the time I have free time to write. You'll figure it out if it's truly something you want to do. Good luck.

Stephen Tremp said...

We all need those vegging times in our life. It's our body and soul and minds way of telling us we need a break.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Sometimes, we need a rest, and sometimes we have to start with something small, like a word on a page, and then a sentence, and then two the next day to get back into things. Take a moment and when you start thinking about it write one word or one sentence down. Maybe that will help.

M.R. R. said...

@ Lori L. MacLaughlin

@ Planet Pailly
I don't have much trouble starting a story, it's finishing it that's the problem.

@ Tanya Miranda
We just might.

@ Stephsco
I should keep that in mind.

@ Crystal Collier
Maybe changing my sleep schedule (which is currently a mess) could help me.

@ Cherie Colyer
Thanks for stopping by.

@ Shannon Lawrence
Thank you.

@ Stephen Tremp
Maybe so.

@ Tyrean Martinson
Thanks for stopping by.

Suzanne Furness said...

Motivation can be hard to find sometimes. Maybe kick-starting it in some other way might be worth a try. When I am struggling I find reading a copy of my favourite writing magazine a good source of encouragement. Another thing I have tried is writing something totally different to what I normally do. It doesn't have to be seen by anyone if you don't want, but it can help to get you thinking in a different way. Good luck.

M.R. R. said...

@ Suzanne Furness
Thank you.