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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My September Trip

Well, it's been a month, but I finally finished writing about the trip I took back in September.

A trio that consisted of me, my mom, and one other relative went to stay with our cousin for a few days. The drive took six hours. Mom was behind the wheel the whole time while I was in the back seat handling snacks.

Day one was hanging around the house getting used to things. I met the dogs, claimed the bed the computer room, and found out the bathroom sink was designed for someone shorter than me, because I had to bend over or squat to reach the faucet.

I also got to sleep with the one-year old dog April jumping in and out of the bed all night (more on her in a bit).

Day two was a barbecue with some more cousins. Mom commented I did rather well socially (even though I mostly sat off to the side while other people talked).

I think this was the night when April settled down and slept next to me instead of the constant do-I-want-to-be-on-the-bed-or-not.

Day three was a lot of out-and-about. First, we went to a restaurant to get breakfast. I should have ordered less food, but luckily, my sausage and French toast didn't go to waste.

Next on the agenda was our visit to a cowboy-style town, which was basically a big flea market. Between the heat, all the walking, and a lack of any shop that stood out, it was a disappointment. But buying a Christmas present for a friend and shaved ice for myself cheered me up a little.

Later that night, we went to Saturday Mass. It was the first time I've ever been in a Catholic church. For the most part, it was the same as most church services I've attended. We had a little trouble with understanding the preacher, but I got most of what he said.

After the service, a group of people went to a small restaurant to eat dinner. (We ate a ton the whole time we were on the trip.) There was also stopping at someone's house for cake.

Day four, we just hung around the house to take a break before we left the next day, and do a little shopping. The drive home on Day five was pretty uneventful, but I would like to know why I feel so tired after sitting in the car for hours when the most intensive thing I did was play games on my tablet.

My favorite thing about it was the dogs, two of which were fluffier than most dogs I've met.

I'm told April was the most recent addition and she was excitable. The in-and-out of bed became a routine, and when Bandit played fetch, she liked to go after the ball and fight him for it. And as you may have noticed from the picture above, she looks like a black lab (she's a little too small though).

I was informed Bandit was a thief (hence the name), but he didn't do much stealing this time. He did love playing fetch (and barking at the ball) and jumping on the laps of anyone who sat in the living room.

Buffy was the oldest, fattest, and calmest. She didn't beg for attention as much as the other two did, but she appreciated what affection she got.

Overall, I enjoyed going, it was a nice change from the usual routine, and I got to spend some quality time with family. But I am still happy to be home, where I know how to work the TV and the shower.

What's going on with you this week?

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2 comments: said...

Glad you had a good trip! The dog jumping in and out of bed all night makes me tired just thinking about it. However, how could anyone be mad at such a cute dog? Those fluffy ones, in particular, are adorable. Traveling is fun, but I agree it's nice to be home. Hope you're having a good week!

M.R. R. said...

@ Lori L. MacLaughlin