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Monday, October 26, 2015

A List Of Lists (The Listing Fest entry)

Well, I couldn't pick any one list to post, so instead, here are some that I've got stashed away that are waiting to be added to.

  1. Reasons I wonder why the world as we know it hasn't ended
  2. Things I care about more than I want to
  3. Songs I would sing/write if I ever formed a band
  4. Story ideas based on particular songs and albums
  5. Bible verses as fiction-writing prompts
  6. Names that would work for superheroes or villains

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My September Trip

Well, it's been a month, but I finally finished writing about the trip I took back in September.

A trio that consisted of me, my mom, and one other relative went to stay with our cousin for a few days. The drive took six hours. Mom was behind the wheel the whole time while I was in the back seat handling snacks.

Day one was hanging around the house getting used to things. I met the dogs, claimed the bed the computer room, and found out the bathroom sink was designed for someone shorter than me, because I had to bend over or squat to reach the faucet.

I also got to sleep with the one-year old dog April jumping in and out of the bed all night (more on her in a bit).