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Monday, January 09, 2017

A series of haikus

I keep feeling tired
When will I have energy
I wish it would stop

Mental illness hurts
It drains everything it finds
I want it to stop

Functioning, only just
I'm tired of feeling stuck
With few options

I'm too broke for much
Wish I could afford to move out
And help people too

The world as a whole
Seems to keep on getting worse
And I feel helpless

Vile people in charge
Going to make everything
Just so damn terrible

And I want to write
But I keep feeling half-dead
Nothing seems quite right

So that is my vent
And I hope you enjoyed it
Thanks for reading

© 2017 by M.R.R.

1 comment:

Sheena-kay Graham said...

I get what you are saying. I had a mini venting session on Facebook over the weekend over financial and health issues. The support I received was heart warming. Nice haiku collection.